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Monday, December 16, 2013

Medicine of Broken Heart

Broken heart broken heart or the term that could be because of two things , diputusin boyfriend or rejected when ngelamar . But when viewed socially these days , because most are heartbroken because of courtship . And dating is totally wrong slang . Reply in terms of anything , going to make a lot more careful than willingly upset . The couple's relationship status is not clear , definite ga ga legitimate and serious . Instead ga little too until doing things that ga ga , for example wrote premarital sex under the pretext of loyalty . Hayo admit ! !
When activists courtship was asked about their seriousness to merit , they would say , " See you later aja deh , now we run it wrote first . " How do you like your boyfriend does the same digombalin ? Moreover, they are still wearing the white - gray , blue and white and some are red and white , which can be willing and ready to get married cepet - cepet . This means that already from the beginning you make a great opportunity to break up and tears. Right?
While Islam does not ever taught that his name courtship activity . And that means Islamic decrease the volume of heartbreak if it felt really sore .
Those who fail to apply , rather than the activity you're doing it wrong . Maybe you invite a couple who refused to marry , it is not a partner for you and your mate . Maybe she's just a beautiful rainbow that graced the earth only just for a moment , he was not a month that always accompany the earth around the sun . Duile poetic huh. And do not forget Allah Ta'ala says , which means : "The women are vile for vile men , and vile men are for vile women ( as well ) , and the women are good for good men and good men are for good women ( too ) . " ( Surat an- Nuur : 26 )
Recipe heartbreak
If you 've already broken heart , because the same diputusin dump a boyfriend or girlfriend after reading this bulletin ( Amiin! ) . Or because lamaranmu rejected by sisters or brothers that you incer , not dark eyes , keep positive thinking . Like the ad says tipi , grab delicious aja . You still get to choose what you will do later . And it 's up to you , positive or negative .
We give an alternative , if there are five heart drugs , the drugs also gutted there are five :
1 . Do not dramatize the situation
If another broken heart , no need to dissolve until the very palace . Avoid an atmosphere that makes you into a mellow or melancholy . Ndengerin deh ga have songs with the theme of heartbreak , Read wrote the Qur'an.
2 . Do not Despair
Despair of the mercy of God is what God sifatkan the infidels and those who go astray . Allah says , " They said , ' We conveyed the good news to you properly , so do not include those who despair ' . He said , ' No one who despair of the mercy of his Lord except those who go astray .' " ( Surat al- Hijr : 55-56 )
And also his words , "O my sons , go ye , then carlah news about Joseph and his brother and you do not despair of the mercy of God . Surely not despair of the mercy of God , but people who disbelieve . " ( Surah Yusuf : 87 ) .
In addition, the despair of the mercy of God was also one among the major sins . It was narrated from Ibn Abbas radi ' anhu , that the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wasallamketika asked about the major sins , he replied , " That is shirk to Allah , despair of the mercy of God , and feel safe from subversion / wrath of God . " ( Narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim , hasan )
3 . Do not even aloof
You should not be alone .
Find friends who can give input and support that can make us rise again , not even misleading . Instead of a broken heart even disappear , even stacked like garbage landfill .
4 . Expand positive activities
The shadows were more often appear when we are often dumbfounded . Let ga often stare , we must often move . Could run a marathon . Nyangkul in the fields should . Hehehehe kidding . The most positive activity is recitation of the Qur'an and learn about Islam , then join with propaganda activities . Inshallah may ngelupain bitter heartbreak , because Islam is more cool than we thought .
5 . Thankful , tried and prayer
If you drop out of a boyfriend , that means free from approaching the act of adultery . You should be grateful ! If it is ready to get married , marriage aja doing courtship . Prove you're serious . If not ready , so do not dipaksain marriage . For you are rejected when applying , it was a sign of God give us to know that the sisters / brothers that's not matching with you . You have not been lucky . Try again . And do not forget to pray because God will surely love the best solution for you . Deh ! ( in )
Ibn Qayyim rahimahullah about love commendable :
" Love is love is commendable that provides benefits to people who feel that love for the happiness of the world and the afterlife . Love that is the basis of happiness . While love is a love that is harmful to the disaster in the world and the hereafter culprit and bring him to the door of evil and suffering in his soul into a principle . "

Your husband is not your boyfriend

Time you want to make an introduction in the book my friend , M. Iwan Januar 2003 last ( Also the Teenage Heaven title ) , I read all the contents of the article for the purpose of giving a touch of flavor and the information in the introduction that I will make . At that time there was an intriguing article , titled : Your boyfriend is not your wife . Now after more than 8 years , I kepikiran to write with a slightly different title , but the essence must necessarily equal . 's Just a different of the word of " wife " to " husband " . Anyway , if traced on Google with the keyword " Your girlfriend is not your husband " there are more than 24 thousand entries in cyberspace articles containing the sentence and the title . So already loads. But , I still want to write with a title like this in addition to the unique , as well as the moment is very fitting for this time . But do not worry , God willing, a different mode of delivery even if the solution is not much different .
Teman2 , Qadarullah I ( writer ) often come to help the print edition of the magazine distribution to the schools . I can see up close , explore the child's feelings about his teachers . Not a few teachers who share or vent about the condition of the students in the school . Especially the slang freely with the opposite sex . I also realize that it is not easy to change the condition of those who already suck this melting . Limitation of association between men and women that do not exist already fairly safe distance again . How not , many children are not just a girl holding hands with her ​​boyfriend , but I entered a very intimate level : sag ( icky , emangnya monkeys use gelayutan all ! ) . Hehehe .. I mean : a girl 's that very closely by the hand of her boyfriend , until her head already nyender - nyender to the guy 's arm . Incidentally boyfriend towering Petronas Towers tub , while girls in mini-sized . So , Bener right half gelayutan ? Non Ckckck ... conscious , it is not your husband 's that guy ! ( which I 've seen worse behavior models gini nih students from schools labeled religion . Oops ! )
Teman2 , the condition of boy-girl relationships among teens weve already many are excessive . Yes , although some say future ' handrails just wrote really at issue , but for me it's been heavy offense . It was already close to adultery , Bener ! Well , just do not approach adultery be especially adultery . So true word of Allah Ta'ala . in al - Quran ( which means) : " And come not nigh to fornication ; actual adultery was a heinous act and an evil way " ( Surah al - Israa : 32 )
His sin how is that? Wow , great euy ! Imam Ahmad said : " I do not know a sin after sin kills the soul - which is greater than the sin of adultery . "
Allaah says (which means ) : " And those who do not worship any other god along with Allah and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden ( to kill ) except with ( reason ) is true , and do not fornicate , so whoever did it , surely he gets ( retaliation ) sin (it) , ( ie ) torment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection , and he will be forever in torment , in a state of humiliation except those who repent ... " ( Surah al - Furqaan [ 25 ] : 68-70 )
In this verse , according to Ibn Qayyim al - Iman Jauziyah , God confront adultery with shirk and killing a soul , and a verdict in the penalty is eternal torment double weight , as long as the perpetrators are not neutralize it by means repent , believe and do good deeds .
Duh horrified really. So , not until you deh involved adultery . Including the need to be aware that abstinence is not a desperate attempt bin close to adultery . The reason , few people directly adultery when met with the opposite sex . At least there's no process initially . Courtship , for example . Well , dating is the gateway to adultery tuh . I'm sure really if that path with boy-girl school , holding hands ( especially the really intimate jalannnya until the guy hugging his girlfriend waist ) must again courtship . Let's admit ! Conscious yes , your boyfriend is not your husband . Not entitled to intimate - tuh mesraan despite interest you guys . For the guys also do easement , girlfriend not your wife . Not yet valid . Ride a motorcycle without a license wrote a ticket , let alone a motor that you carry is not no vehicle registration and BPKB her , might be seized tuh ama motorcycle police officer . That means , a girl who you hug the waist , you ride on a bicycle on the bike your bike , you chat with all night laughing - ketiwi telephone is not your wife . Unlawful to engage in activities that can be conducted by a husband and wife . And of course his actions violated the rules of Allah Ta'ala . and His Messenger . Ati - ati teman2 ya !
Keep your eyes !
According to Imam Ibn Qayyim al - Jauziyah , because the end of the base of this vile fornication of the eyes , then God put the command to turn over the eye before the command to keep the pubic . Many major disaster whose origins are of the view . Like a great fire origin was a small spark . That is why , at first only the view , then delusion , further concrete steps , the next there was a disaster that was a big mistake ( adultery ) .
Imam Ibn Qayyim also convey that whoever could keep four things it means that he has saved his religion . The four things are: Al - Lahazhat ( first look ) , Al - Khatharat ( thoughts that come to mind ) , Al - Lafazhat ( tongue and speech ) , Al - Khathawat ( concrete steps for a deed ) .
The Messenger of Allaah alaihi wassallam said : " The view that eye ( like ) a poisoned arrow from a wide variety of arrows of the devil. Whoever gaze from the beauty - beauty of the woman , God delights in passing in his heart until the day he met him " (Ahmad )
Repeated view is that the biggest lighter to light a fire until the fire burned with longing . People who looked at with only cursory rarely get a sense in love . But over and repeat the view that is the source of destruction . Therefore , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam commanded us to subdue the view that the liver is maintained. From Jarir ibn Abd Allah , he said ,
سألت رسول الله - صلى الله عليه وسلم - عن نظر الفجاءة فأمرنى أن أصرف بصرى
" I asked the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam on view only briefly ( not intentionally ) . Then the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam commanded me that I immediately turned my gaze . " [ HR . Muslim no. 2159 ]
Mujahid said ,
غض البصر عن محارم الله يورث حب الله
" Subjecting the views of various things forbidden by Allah , will lead to a love of God . " [ Majmu ' Al- Fataawa , 15/394 , Dar al Wafa ' , third printing , in 1426 H ] . Means hold the views of women who are not mahram will cause a sense of God's love . Subjecting the view here is there are two kinds of same-sex genitalia looked and looked at women who are not mahram .
Three avail of lower his gaze have been mentioned by the Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah [ Majmu ' Al Fataawa , 15/420-426 ] .
First : It would taste sweet and delicious faith . Whoever leaves something for Allah , He will replace it with a better one.
Second : It will shed light on the heart and will have a hunch that is so brilliant .
Third : It would be more encouraging.
 Allah Almighty revealed verse 30-31 of the letter an- Nuur : " Say to the man who believed : " Let their gaze , and maintaining his cock ; such it is purer for them , surely Allah is Aware of what is they do . Say to the believing women : " Let their gaze , and maintaining his cock , and they do not show her jewelry , except for the ( usual ) appear thereof . Cover with a cloth and let them crippled to his chest , and not to show off her jewelry , " ( verse Nuur [ 24 ] :30 - 31 )
Since then the Muslims are commanded to keep the view can bring their lust .
Well , if my friends frequent guy right eyes darting like a thief would look in a girl fitting clothesline . Moreover girlfriend shiny clear ( dishes Kalee ! ) . Sometimes when it's a boy to join the gang going wild added . For example , judging a girl who passes in front of them personified by car . Once there was a girl with a fantastic body and gorgeous face immediate deh tuh mob guy gulped as he comments : " BMW ya ! " Or " Toyota is mah ! " And so on , including if there is a girl with a body weight beyond the normal size be said - katain , " well if that 's still rolling machines ! " Wow , you've dont keep mah eyes , insulting people anyway . Astaghfirullah .
Temen2 , conscious self- yuk . How else, people who ngelakuin crime or immorality is clear he is not aware . Yes , do not realize that their actions be considered by Allah Ta'ala . Nyadar not that what he does will be held accountable by Allah Ta'ala . Not aware if what he did could have a negative impact not only on him , but also to the people around him . Pity they really do bear the shame or bring kebawa ugly immoral because we do ? For example, you commit adultery , you know that hurt a lot . Starting from your family , your friends, your school , your teachers , including couples zinamu family , his friends , the school and others. Think before you act .
Come on , fix your perspective on relationships with the opposite sex . If not able to marry, do not be reckless adultery . If still in school , so the focus of learning , not dating . Can you? Must ! Inshallah can . Bismillah [ Solihin | Twitter : @ osolihin ]
Source: http://www.gaulislam.com/pacarmu-bukan-suamimu , http://islamdiaries.tumblr.com/post/33829059790/pacarmu-bukan-suami-mu


Discussions have been held between the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah ( Sunni ) with seven Shiite cleric at the invitation of the President of Iran , among others, was attended by some of the Christian clergy . This discussion was held to determine the points of difference between the two groups .

When the entire Shia cleric was present , none of Sunni scholars who come . Suddenly a man carrying a shoe come under his armpit . Shiite cleric astonishment , then they ask : " Why did you bring your shoes ? " The man replied : " I know that people like to steal slippers Shia in time of the Prophet . " Shia Ulema at each other surprised at the answer . They then said : " But in the days of the Apostle has been no Shia . " The man replied again : "Then the discussion has been completed . Religion Where did you ? If at the time of the Prophet there was no Shia ( as well as in the time of Jesus, no Christianity ) . " All the Shia scholars and silent audience . Turns out the person who came with the shoes is Ahmad Deedat , a great preacher and Kristolg world , may Allaah have mercy .


Telah diadakan diskusi antara ulama Ahlus Sunnah (Sunni) dengan tujuh ulama Syiah atas undangan Presiden Iran yang antara lain dihadiri oleh beberapa orang pendeta Kristen. Diskusi ini diadakan untuk mengetahui titik perbedaan antara dua kelompok tersebut.

Ketika seluruh ulama Syiah telah hadir, tak satupun ulama Sunni yang datang. Tiba-tiba masuklah seorang yang membawa sepatu di bawah ketiaknya. Ulama Syiah terheran-heran, kemudian mereka bertanya: “Kenapa kamu membawa sepatumu?” Orang itu menjawab: “Saya tahu bahwa orang Syiah itu suka mencuri sandal di zaman Rasulullah.” Ulama Syiah saling pandang terheran-heran akan jawaban itu. Mereka kemudian berkata: “Tapi di zaman Rasul belum ada Syiah." Orang itu menjawab lagi: “Kalau begitu diskusi telah selesai. Dari manakah datangnya ajaran agama kalian? Kalau di zaman Rasulullah tidak ada Syiah (demikian juga di zaman Yesus tidak ada Kristen).” Semua ulama Syiah dan para hadirin diam. Ternyata orang yang datang membawa sepatu tersebut adalah Ahmad Deedat, da’i besar dan Kristolg dunia, Rahimahullah.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


          Jaringan adalah sekumpulan individual yang tergabung dalam suatu komunitas atau wadah yang mempunyai tujuan yang sama. 
          Jaringan komputer dibagi menjadi 3 yaitu:
  1. Berdasarkan area dibagi menjadi 3 yaitu: 
         -PAN (Personal Area Network) adalah jaringan menghubungkan antar mesin atau prosessor
          jaraknya hanya 1-10 meter.
         -LAN (Local Area Network) jaraknya mencapai 100 meter,bersifat tertutup.
         -MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) jaraknya mencapai 100 kilometer.
         -WAN(Wide Area Network) adalah jaringan antar negara atau benua,cakupannya antara
          1.000 km hingga 1.000.000 km.
    2.  Berdasarkan media penghantar dibagi menjadi 2 yaitu:
         -Wire Network adalah jaringan yg menggunakan kabel sebagai media penghantar .
           kabel dibagi menjadi dua macam yaitu inti tembaga dan inti cahaya (fiber optic).
         -Wireless Network adala jaringan yang menggunakan udara sebagai media penghantarnya.
           Frekuensi yg digunakan adalah 2,4 GHz karena frekuensi ini dibebaskan oleh INTERNIC.
    3.  Berdasarkan fungsi dibagi menjadi dua yaitu:
         - Client-Server adalah jaringan dimana ada klien yang menghubungi server dan klien
           dikendalikan oleh server.
         -Peer to Peer (P2P) adalah jaringan yang tidak terdapat server,dimana sesama klien bisa
          menjadi server.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Assalamu'alaikum kawan, alhamdulillah setelah sekian lama saya vakum buat ngeblog, karena kesibukan dan sedikit rasa malasku,hehehe ^_^. Ok,kali ini, saya kan membagikan sedikit ilmu yang saya peroleh dari guru saya, yaitu tentang bagaimana sih caranya membuat DNS di sistem operasi Debian Lenny???

Ok, pertama kita siapkan bahan-bahannya dulu biar nanti gak da yang ketinggalan:

  1. PC yang akan kita gunakan untuk menginstal sistem operasi Debian
  2. Kepingan DVD/CD OS Debian
  3. Kabel UTP(yang tentunya sudah dipasangkan konektor RJ-45)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pacarmu Bukan Suami mu

Waktu mau bikin pengantar di buku kawan saya, M. Iwan Januar di tahun 2003 silam (judulnya Surga Juga Buat Remaja), saya membaca semua isi artikelnya untuk keperluan memberi sentuhan rasa dan informasi di pengantar yang akan saya buat. Waktu itu ada satu artikel yang menggelitik, judulnya: Pacarmu Bukan Istrimu. Sekarang setelah lebih dari 8 tahun, saya kepikiran untuk menulis dengan judul sedikit berbeda, tetapi esensinya mestilah sama. Kan cuma perbedan kata dari “istri” menjadi “suami”. Oya, kalo ditelusuri di google dengan keyword “Pacarmu Bukan Suamimu” ada lebih dari 24 ribu entri artikel di jagat maya yang mengandung kalimat dan judul tersebut. Jadi udah banyak banget. Tetapi, saya tetap ingin menulis dengan judul seperti ini selain karena unik, juga karena momennya sangat pas untuk saat ini. Namun jangan khawatir, cara penyampaiannya insya Allah berbeda meski solusinya tak jauh berbeda.
Teman2, Qadarullah saya (penulis) sering ikut bantu distribusi edisi cetak majalah ke sekolah-sekolah. Saya bisa melihat dari dekat, menyelami perasaan para guru tentang anak muridnya. Tak sedikit guru yang sharing atau curhat mengenai kondisi murid-murid di sekolahnya. Khususnya yang gaul bebas dengan lawan jenis. Saya juga menyadari bahwa memang tak mudah mengubah kondisi yang sudah kadung ancur lebur ini. Batasan pergaulan antara laki dan perempuan yang terbilang sudah nggak ada jarak aman lagi. Gimana nggak, banyak anak cewek yang nggak cuma gandengan tangan dengan cowoknya, tapi udah masuk level sangat mesra: menggelayut (idih, emangnya lutung pake gelayutan segala!). Hehehe.. maksud saya: tuh anak cewek sangat erat menggandeng tangan cowoknya, sampe kepalanya udah nyender-nyender ke lengan sang cowok. Kebetulan cowoknya tinggi menjulang bak menara Petronas, sementara ceweknya berukuran mini. Jadi, bener kan setengah gelayutan? Ckckck… sadar Non, tuh cowok kan bukan suamimu! (yang lebih parah saya pernah melihat kelakuan yang model gini nih siswa-siswi dari sekolah berlabel agama. Waduh!)
Teman2, kondisi pergaulan cowok-cewek di kalangan remaja emang udah banyak yang kebablasan. Ya, meskipun ada yang bilang masa’ cuma pegangan tangan aja kok dipermasalahkan, tapi bagi saya itu sudah pelanggaran berat. Itu sudah mendekati zina, Bener! Nah, mendekati zina saja nggak boleh apalagi melakukan zina. Benar banget firman Allah Ta’ala. dalam al-Quran (yang artinya): “Dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina; sesungguhnya zina itu suatu perbuatan yang keji dan suatu jalan yang buruk” (QS al-Israa : 32)
Dosanya gimana tuh? Waduh, besar euy! Imam Ahmad berkata: “Aku tidak mengetahui sebuah dosa—setelah dosa membunuh jiwa—yang lebih besar dari dosa zina.”
Allah Ta’ala berfirman (yang artinya): “Dan orang-orang yang tidak menyembah tuhan lain beserta Allah dan tidak membunuh jiwa yang diharamkan Allah (membunuhnya) kecuali dengan (alasan) yang benar, dan tidak berzina, barangsiapa yang melakukan demikian itu, niscaya dia mendapat (pembalasan) dosa(nya), (yakni) akan dilipat gandakan adzab untuknya pada hari Kiamat dan dia akan kekal dalam adzab itu, dalam keadaan terhina kecuali orang-orang yang bertaubat …” (QS al-Furqaan [25]: 68-70)
Dalam ayat ini, menurut Iman Ibnu Qayyim al-Jauziyah, Allah menggandengkan zina dengan syirik dan membunuh jiwa, dan vonis hukumannya adalah kekal dalam adzab berat yang berlipat ganda, selama pelakunya tidak menetralisir hal tersebut dengan cara bertaubat, beriman dan beramal shalih.
Duh ngeri banget. So, jangan sampe deh kamu terlibat perzinaan. Termasuk yang perlu diwaspadai adalah menahan hawa nafsu agar nggak coba-coba bin nekad mendekati zina. Sebabnya, jarang ada orang yang langsung zina ketika bertemu dengan lawan jenisnya. Paling nggak ada proses awalnya. Pacaran misalnya. Nah, pacaran adalah pintu gerbang menuju perzinaan tuh. Saya yakin banget kalo yang jalan bareng cowok-cewek pulang sekolah sambil bergandengan tangan (apalagi yang jalannnya mesra banget sampe yang cowok memeluk pinggang yang ceweknya) pasti lagi pacaran. Ayo ngaku! Sadar ya, pacarmu bukan suamimu. Nggak berhak untuk mesra-mesraan meski tuh cowok menarik perhatianmu. Bagi yang cowok juga jangan keenakan, pacarmu bukan istrimu. Belum sah. Naik sepeda motor tanpa SIM aja ditilang, apalagi motor yang kamu bawa nggak ada STNK dan BPKB-nya, bisa-bisa tuh motor disita ama pak polisi. Itu artinya, cewek yang kamu peluk pinggangnya itu, yang kamu bonceng di sepeda motormu, yang kamu ajak ngobrol sambil ketawa-ketiwi semalaman via telepon adalah bukan istrimu. Haram untuk melakukan kegiatan yang hanya boleh dilakukan oleh suami-istri. Dan tentu saja perbuatannya melanggar aturan Allah Ta’ala. dan RasulNya. Ati-ati ya teman2!
Jaga pandanganmu!
Menurut Imam Ibnu Qayyim al-Jauziyah, karena ujung pangkal dari perbuatan zina yang keji ini dari pandangan mata, maka Allah lebih mendahulukan perintah untuk memalingkan pandangan mata sebelum perintah untuk menjaga kemaluan. Banyak musibah besar yang asal muasalnya adalah dari pandangan. Ibarat kobaran api yang besar asalnya adalah percikan api yang kecil. Itu sebabnya, mulanya hanya pandangan, kemudian khayalan, selanjutnya langkah nyata, berikutnya terjadilah musibah yang merupakan kesalahan besar (zina).
Imam Ibnu Qayyim menyampaikan juga bahwa barangsiapa yang bisa menjaga empat hal maka berarti dia telah menyelamatkan agamanya. Empat hal tersebut adalah: Al-Lahazhat (pandangan pertama), Al-Khatharat (pikiran yang melintas di benak), Al-Lafazhat (lidah dan ucapan), Al-Khathawat (langkah nyata untuk sebuah perbuatan).
Rasulullah shalallahu alaihi wassallam bersabda: “Pandangan mata itu (laksana) anak panah beracun dari berbagai macam anak panah iblis. Barangsiapa menahan pandangannya dari keindahan-keindahan wanita, maka Allah mewariskan kelezatan di dalam hatinya hingga hari ia bertemu denganNya” (HR Ahmad)
Pandangan yang berulang-ulang adalah pemantik terbesar yang menyalakan api hingga terbakarlah api dengan kerinduan. Orang yang memandang dengan sepintas saja jarang yang mendapatkan rasa kasmaran. Namun pandangan yang berulang-ulanglah yang merupakan biang kehancuran. Oleh karena itu, Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam memerintahkan kita untuk menundukkan pandangan agar hati ini tetap terjaga. Dari Jarir bin Abdillah, beliau mengatakan,
سَأَلْتُ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ -صلى الله عليه وسلم- عَنْ نَظَرِ الْفُجَاءَةِ فَأَمَرَنِى أَنْ أَصْرِفَ بَصَرِى
“Aku bertanya kepada Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam tentang pandangan yang cuma selintas (tidak sengaja). Kemudian Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam memerintahkan kepadaku agar aku segera memalingkan pandanganku.”[ HR. Muslim no. 2159]
Mujahid mengatakan,
غَضُّ الْبَصَرِ عَنْ مَحَارِمِ اللَّهِ يُورِثُ حُبَّ اللَّهِ
“Menundukkan pandangan dari berbagai hal yang diharamkan oleh Allah, akan menimbulkan rasa cinta pada Allah.”Majmu’ Al Fatawa, 15/394, Darul Wafa’, cetakan ketiga, tahun 1426 H]. Berarti menahan pandangan dari wanita yang bukan mahrom akan menimbulkan rasa cinta pada Allah. Menundukkan pandangan yang dimaksud di sini ada dua macam yaitu memandang aurat sesama jenis dan memandang wanita yang bukan mahram.
Tiga faedah dari menundukkan pandangan telah disebutkan oleh Syaikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyah[Majmu’ Al Fatawa, 15/420-426].
Pertama: Akan merasakan manis dan lezatnya iman. Barangsiapa meninggalkan sesuatu karena Allah, Dia akan memberi ganti dengan yang lebih baik.
Kedua: Akan memberi cahaya pada hati dan akan memiliki firasat yang begitu cemerlang.
Ketiga: Akan lebih menguatkan hati.
 Allah Ta’ala menurunkan ayat 30-31 dari surat an-Nuur: “Katakanlah kepada orang laki-laki yang beriman: “Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya, dan memelihara kemaluannya; yang demikian itu adalah lebih suci bagi mereka, sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang mereka perbuat. Katakanlah kepada wanita yang beriman: “Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya, dan memelihara kemaluannya, dan janganlah mereka menampakkan perhiasannya, kecuali yang (biasa) nampak daripadanya. Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain kudung ke dadanya, dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya,” (QS an Nuur [24]:30-31)
Sejak saat itu kaum muslimin diperintahkan untuk saling menjaga pandangan yang dapat memunculkan syahwat mereka.
Nah, kalo temen-temen cowok seringnya kan matanya jelalatan kayak mau maling jemuran pas ngeliat cewek. Apalagi ceweknya bening mengkilap (piring kalee!). Kadang anak cowok kalo udah gabung dengan gerombolannya bakalan tambah liar. Misalnya, menilai cewek yang berlalu di hadapan mereka dipersonifikasikan dengan mobil. Begitu ada cewek dengan body aduhai dan wajahnya cantik langsung deh tuh gerombolan cowok komentar sambil nelen ludah; “BMW nih!” atau “Toyota yang ini mah!” dan sebagainya, termasuk kalo ada cewek yang bodinya dengan ukuran berat di luar normal dikata-katain, “yah kalo yang ini sih mesin giling!” Waduh, udah mah nggak jaga pandangan mata, menghina orang pula. Astaghfirullah.
Sadar diri
Temen2, sadar diri yuk. Gimana pun juga, orang yang ngelakuin kejahatan atau kemaksiatan jelas dia nggak sadar. Ya, nggak sadar bahwa aksinya diperhatikan oleh Allah Ta’ala. Nggak nyadar bahwa apa yang dilakukannya akan dimintai pertanggungan jawab oleh Allah Ta’ala. Nggak sadar kalo apa yang dilakukannya bisa berdampak buruk bukan hanya kepada dirinya, tetapi juga kepada orang-orang di sekitarnya. Kasihan banget kan mereka menanggung malu atau kebawa-bawa jelek gara-gara maksiat yang kita lakukan? Misalnya kamu berzina, yang dirugikan banyak lho. Mulai dari keluargamu, teman-temanmu, pihak sekolah, guru-gurumu, termasuk keluarga pasangan zinamu, juga teman-temannya, pihak sekolahnya dan lain sebagainya. Pikirkan sebelum bertindak.
Yuk, benahi cara pandang kamu tentang pergaulan dengan lawan jenismu. Kalo nggak sanggup nikah, jangan nekat berzina. Kalo masih sekolah, ya fokusnya belajar, jangan pacaran. Bisa ya? Harus! Insya Allah bisa. Bismillah [solihin | Twitter: @osolihin]